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Busduct - Supply & Installation

Busduct Supply & Installation

Busduct - Supply & Installation. A key part of electrical power distribution is Busduct. Busduct is largely used in commercial and industrial settings to conduct electricity to cable bus or cables because of its high current capabilities.

Also called busway, Busduct ( Electrical Busway ) 3200Amp provides an alternative way to conduct electricity from the traditional cable. We have a catalog of bus duct products and accessories available, all of which go through the same rigorous inspection process as our other products. They come with same one-year warranty to ensure quality. Browse our selection of bus duct products and accessories today to find your solution. 

Why to use Busduct (Busduct Verses Cable) 

  •  Less man hours for installation
  •  Compact size
  •  Reusable, expandable and flexible
  •  Safe and versatile design
  •  Lower installation cost
  •  Competitive at any rating
  •  Quick delivery
  •  Easy ordering
  •  Modern outlook
  • Safe and Versatile Design
  • True Sandwich for Both Feeder and Plug-in
  • Tin Coated High Purity Copper Bars
  • Aluminum Casing
  • High Insulation Tested at 3500V
  • Maximum Layout Flexibility
  • Transformer Connections
  • Unique Joint Design (patent submitted)
  • IP55 


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