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Industrial Interlocked Switch Socket 16A 3P

Original price 9.500 OMR - Original price 9.500 OMR
Original price
9.500 OMR
9.500 OMR - 9.500 OMR
Current price 9.500 OMR

Ideal for heavy-power use machines
Industrial machines consume a lot of power, and may require high-voltage electrical currents. To protect your investment, it would be prudent to use industrial-grade plugs and sockets that can withstand such power, hence protecting your devices, machines, and facilities from electrical damage.

Withstand the weather hazards and wear & tear
Industrial plugs and sockets work perfectly regardless of the environment — whether in high-temperature or high-humidity regions. Most of these products are made from a thermoplastic material that is also waterproof.

Monitor electrical current flows
Most industrial plugs and sockets are made with additional safety measures, including an in-built circuit breaker that detects unusual electric flows. This helps keep your appliances and the people operating them safer.

Easy to use
While you may require the assistance of a professional when installing them, industrial plugs and sockets are pretty easy and convenient to use.

Relatively inexpensive
Industrial plugs and sockets are relatively inexpensive and more affordable than having various wires and cables that would have been used to perform the same functions.

Furthermore, the protection such products offer to your appliances reduces the overall repair and replacement costs in case of damage.

Generally safer to handle
Thanks to their solid construction, the operators have minimal to zero interaction with naked or live wires. This makes it safe and secure to handle them with bare hands.

Ideal for multi-purpose uses
Industrial plugs and sockets are used for a wide range of industrial needs. Regardless of the appliances or industry, you can always count on such products to deliver.

Thanks to their high impact resistance and solid construction, industrial plugs and sockets have been proven to serve you much longer than other alternatives.



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