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LED Explosion Proof High Power Flood Lights 70-480W

Original price 350.000 OMR - Original price 350.000 OMR
Original price
350.000 OMR
350.000 OMR - 350.000 OMR
Current price 350.000 OMR

Product Features

1, Configuration: It adopts imported LED light source, with an average service life of up to 100,000 hours. The power supply adopts wide voltage processing, which can realize constant current output, and has short-circuit and over-voltage protection functions, which greatly prolongs the service life of the lamps.
2, Heat dissipation: Explosion-proof electrical box and lamp holder double cavity design, large space size to ensure the assembly of various large-scale electrical appliances. Excellent heat dissipation performance, so that the LED chip and power supply temperature rise is reasonably controlled within a reasonable range, greatly ensuring the service life of the lamp.
3, Light distribution: Light projection is even and soft, especially suitable for all kinds of need to cast light, floodlights as a fixed lighting.
4, Protection: The protection level of the lamp body is IP66, and the anti-corrosion level can reach WF2. The surface of the lamp body will never corrode and never rust.
5, Installation method: Various installation methods such as ceiling, suction wall and U-shaped anti-vibration bracket (angle adjustable) can be used as needed.


  • 70W 300*186*174mm 336*514*240mm/10KG/2PCS
  • 80-190W 395*350*215mm/10KG/1PC
  • 160-250W 425*315*165mm 500*400*220mm/13.5KG/1PC
  • 240-380W 552*323*190mm 602*386*271mm/18KG/1PC
  • 350-480W 630*425*195mm 691*491*297mm/20KG/1PC

Warranty : 5 Years  

Delivery : DDP Muscat Sultanate of Oman  


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