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BiMetallic Cable Lug Aluminum and Copper 240MM

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BiMetallic Cable Lug Aluminum and Copper 240MM. Aluminum Conductors are Terminated with bi-metallic Cable lugs according to DIN 48201/1 and DIN EN 50182.

Lugs is made of two different metals, Aluminum and copper, and  such as achieve permanent Conductive joint between these metals. This Lugs is marked in order to ensure correct Crimping. BiMetallic Cable Lug Aluminum and Copper 240MM.

The picture shows correct Crimping. The Achieved joint is not meant for Mechanical tightening. The Lugs have oil barrier. The Aluminum part  is crimped is made in Accordance with Standard DIN 46329.

    • Suitable for Aluminum to Copper in-line and other Terminations

    • Friction welded

    • Manufactured from high purity Copper and Aluminium rod for high Conductivity

    • Industry standard tooling and dies required for crimping and installation

Bimetallic lugs prevent galvanic action. When primarily coupled with a copper wire bus bar, it creates Copper cable lugs are ineffective when the copper bus bar and aluminium cable are together.

Welding the aluminium barrel to copper palm produces a durable and strong joint, which provides the best possible transition between the copper palm and aluminium barrel. 

The jointing technique is friction welding.

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