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Changeover Switch 32 AMP Selector Switches 690V

13.500 OMR

Product description

Size : 8 Terminals 32AMP


1. Suitable for the thickness between 1MM to 5MM of the mounting board.

2. Ideal choice for electrical wiring in the power switches, speed switches and asynchronous motor for their start-up and reversing, also can make the conversion of the control circuit.

3. Widely used as circuit control switches, test equipment switches, motor control switches and master control switches, signal transfer switches, or change-over switch for electric welding machinery and other equipment.


Model: LW28-32/2 Positions: 3 Terminals: 8 Ui: 690V Ith: 32A Action Type: Latching

Positioning angle: 60-0-60 Degree Rating: DC-13: Ui: 220V, Ith: 0.14A;

AC-15: Ue / Ie: 380V / 1.5A Mounting Hole Distance: 48mm x 48mm 

Total Size: 65mm x 65mm x 94mm / 2.59inch x 2.59inch x 3.7inch (L*W*H)

Package Content

1 x Changeover Switch

4 x Mounting Screws