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Comb Busbar Single Pole Two Pole Three Pole Four Pole

9.500 OMR

The busbars enable an up to date way of connecting all kind of installation devices. Compared to the conventional installation using wiring bridges it offers the following advantages:

  • faster installation – saving time
  • compact design
  • reliable assignment of the phases
  • Besides the pole number, the cross-section and the connection technology – pin or fork type- the construction type is used as a different criterion.
  • Usually, the standard busbar is supplied in 1m lengths. The customer will cut these bars according to his requirements.


Make : Commercial Grade 

  • Number of Contacts = 12 Ways
  • Raw-material = Copper
  • Plastic holder = PVC
  • Current = Up to 100Amp
  • Nominal voltage = 415V
  • Length of one meters 
  • Single Pole OMR 4.500 / Length 
  • Two Pole OMR 5.500 / Length
  • Three Pole OMR 6.500 / Length
  • Four Pole OMR 9.500 / Length 

U Type prices are available on request