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Ratcheting Wire Terminal Crimper Crimping Tools for Insulated Bootlace Lugs

9.500 OMR

Product description

Professional grade crimping tool (for heat shrink connectors)

Has a smooth and efficient ratcheting mechanism that creates uniform and rock-solid crimps.  Electrical wiring DIY enthusiasts, as well as professional electricians will be impressed with the outstanding quality and high performance of these wire crimpers.

Heat shrink terminals are crimped by squeezing the handle through a complete cycle until the handle releases automatically. Precise ratcheting mechanism will ensure the same amount of crimping force for all your crimps. Professional grade crimping die (designed for heat shrink connectors) will ensure strong and durable crimps every time.

The tool has a star wheel to adjust the crimping force with (+) and (-) indicators. The minus (-) direction provides higher crimp height (less crimping force), while the plus (+) direction decreases the crimp height (more crimping force). There is a handle release lever on the lower handle. When moved toward the jaws, the lever activates the release mechanism and opens the jaws.