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Right Angled Ceramic Electric Heater Plug with Aluminum Alloy Shell and Ceramic Head

Original price 6.500 OMR - Original price 6.500 OMR
Original price
6.500 OMR
6.500 OMR - 6.500 OMR
Current price 6.500 OMR

High temperature aluminum alloy plug:

Process: The high temperature plug is made of a copper core contact surface and a ceramic, and the outer metal aluminum protective shell or silicon rubber protective shell.

Used in high temperature working environment. It can be used as lead wire in the working environment below 300C.

The high temperature resistant iron plug is divided into aluminum alloy shell and silicone rubber shell, which is designed for plug-in electric heaters. The jacks are Ф5mm-Ф6mm. It has the characteristics of high intensity and large passing current. This solves the worries of ordinary bakelite shell iron plugs that are not resistant to high temperatures and need to be replaced often!

1. Special high-temperature resistant high-strength aluminum alloy shell is imported from foreign equipment, high temperature resistance, below 500 C, high voltage resistance (220V ~ 600V); jack specifications φ5, φ6mm.
2. Silicone rubber shell is resistant to high temperature, below 200 C and high voltage (220V ~ 600V).

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